QR Codes

QR Codes New To S&B Products

We have now added QR codes to our flyers and advertising. Using your Smart Phone you can be directly linked to a website, which features our products.



What are QR Codes:

(Quick Response) codes or mobile bar codes are 2D codes that contain information which is read by a QR code reader.  QR codes are used to link people to a URL address, but can also contain 8 other types of data (contact information, calendar event, E-mail address, phone number, Geo location, SMS, text, and Wifi network).

QR Code Readers:

In order to scan and read QR codes you must get an application or software available to download on your phone.  To find a QR code reader that is compatible with your phone visit Mobile-Barcodes.com.  They have compiled a list of popular QR code readers.